Head of group

doc. Ing. Ivan Jelínek, CSc.

Field of interest: Web engineering, web technolgies, web semantics, web personalization, CAD theory
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Research fellow

Ing. Miroslav Bureš, Ph.D.

Field of interest:
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Ing. Martin Balík, Ph.D.

Field of interest: Adaptive web, semantic web
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PhD students

Name Topic
Ing. Radek Malinský Webometrics
Ing. Karel Frajták Methods of Detection and Prevention of Potential Errors in Web Software Systems
Ing. Ilya Rudomilov Semantic P2P search engine
Ing. Martin Filipský Methods and Technologies for Testing of Web Software Systems
Ing. Dmitry Dolgikh The system for semantic music recommendations

Formal members

Name Topic
Ing. Vojtěch Jirkovský Using information extraction for automated adaptation
Ing. Jaroslav Kuchař Web Information Extraction and Annotation
Ing. Tomáš Kadlec Semantic User Profile Acquisition and Sharing
Ing. Lenka Hapalová Intelligent Web Access Prediction